Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Grass

Band Members

Vernon McIntyre     Kitty McIntyre     Emily Baehr     Robert Campbell     Tammy Powers

Emily Baehr

Who am I? I am a musician (currently bluegrass but originally trained in opera singing), ex-real estate investor, title examiner, bookkeeper/secretary, divorced woman of a certain age. I am Freddy the Cat's human.

I like to write, play music and eat. I look young for my age. I am sort of shy nowadays although I didn't used to be as shy, and putting anything about myself on the internet is like pulling teeth for me, but I'm supposed to have some kind of bio for musician promo purposes.

Unlike a proper musician I'm very much an introvert, unless I'm on stage. Somehow being on stage is different. 

For more about Emily, go to her website.  Click here.

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Updated:  4/28/13