This is only a partial listing of instruments available.  Many of the items listed are not shown on this web but ARE on display in one of our showrooms.  If you are looking for a particular instrument, it might save you a trip to the wrong location of Famous Old Time Music if you call us first.

5 String          Plectrum          Tenor             Banjo DoJo          Banjo Uke

Type Brand Part # Description Year Price
5 String Banjos      
Eagle 12105 This Eagle 5-string comes with no case.    Posted:  11/2/10    



Used Regular Price:


Sale Price:

English 12092 This English 5-string vintage banjo comes with no case. 
Posted:  11/2/10



  1870's Regular Price:


Sale Price:

12204 This Flinthill 5-string banjo (FHB280 - gold) comes with a hard shell case.     Posted: 10/22/10




New Regular Price:


Sale Price:


This is an old open back back five string from about 1880.  It has friction pegs like a fiddle.  Price does not include case. 
               (Posted:  Jan. 12, 2010)



1880's $600
Gibson 11983 This is a 1933 5 -string.  It is an original archtop tenor with a new Frank Neat 5-string neck.  All original pot but refinished resonator.  Hard case included. 
            (Posted:  January 13, 2010)




1933 $15,500

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Tenor Vega 12478 This Vega Plectrum from the 1960s has big crown inlay, deep
resonator, with all original parts.     Posted:  May 17, 2012


1960's Sale Price:






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tenor Ludwig


Kingston Tenor top tension        no case     Posted: 11/10/10




Used Regular Price:




Sale Price:

tenor Ludwig 91 Kingston with resonator photo




tenor Lyric 254 nice shape

Picture update:  10/27/08

  1930s used $395
tenor Gibson 1616 no case

* $250
tenor Orpheum 10443 used

* $499
(New Price - Sept 08)
Tenor 12478 12478 bj-tenor Vega Plectrum 1960s $1,200.00 big crown inlay, deep
resonator, all orig
Tenor Bruno 12481

Bruno Tenor Banjo with 12" head       Posted:  May 17, 2012

Sale Price:



Banjo DoJo  
Banjo DoJo Lawrence
12592 This Banjo DoJo; no case; black finish
Posted: July 5, 2012


Sale Price:



Banjo Uke

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1642 Banjo Uke with skin head    no case         Posted:  12/12/10 




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