Remember, Bluegrass is what we  KNOW, what we LIKE, and what we DO!

Both Vernon and Kitty teach private lessons at their studio in Mt. Healthy. Vernon offers banjo and rhythm guitar lessons. Kitty offers fiddle, mandolin, beginning guitar, beginning banjo, and upright bass. Call 513-607-1874 or email to schedule an appointment.


VernonCroppedir Vernon McIntyre has played professionally since 1960. He teaches banjo, guitar, mandolin, and even some bass at Famous Old Time Music Company. Vernon is well respected on the festival circuit for his driving guitar rhythm with his band, Appalachian Grass. He knows the lead-in runs that need to be there and can put them in with the best of them. Although he has not performed publicly on banjo for many years, the reputation he built during his banjo career still speaks for itself. A little known fact about Vernon is that his first instrument was actually mandolin and he played mandolin for James Monroe’s band. Vernon knows the Bill Monroe/Paul Williams style inside out. He also has the teaching experience to know how to slow down, break it into understandable pieces, and convey the music to his students.

Vernon teaches BLUEGRASS BANJO and BLUEGRASS RHYTHM GUITAR at Famous Old Time Music CINCINNATI (513-607-1874).

kitty08Kitty McIntyre, Vernon’s wife and fiddler with the Appalachian Grass, was classically trained as a child. Her interest in bluegrass blossomed with the encouragement of her banjo and bass playing brother, Andy. She has made a good name for herself as a bluegrass fiddler and has two fiddle projects recorded. Kitty

also teaches mandolin at Famous Old Time Music Company. She says, “I started playing mandolin because I got bored riding to shows in a car, and you can’t practice a fiddle in a car; you hit the roof with the bow.” Her mandolin style is derived from the fiddle tunes she has transferred to mandolin; it is a very different style than Vernon’s. Kitty also covers most of the upright bass teaching. She has played fiddle, mandolin, and bass on several of the Appalachian Grass recordings.



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OK, this will let you know how I spend my time…  at the last Chick Band rehearsal, Janice (one of the fiddle players) suggested that all my students are attending UK, University of Kitty.

Well, I thought that was a hoot so I mentioned it to another
student, Susan, who designed a logo for me.   Notice the
little curly hairdo on the ‘U’ and the fiddle bow in the
middle.  I only hope the real UK doesn’t mind!


Kitty’s KIDZ

Kitty has a fine group of KIDZ learning to play bluegrass on bluegrass instruments.
Join us for some of their experiences.


Meet two of Kitty’s students, Eddie, a budding guitarist, and Chelsea, a budding fiddler.    

Eleanor fiddling1

Eleanor fiddling


Kitty’s KIDZ join Vernon McIntyre’s APPALACHIAN GRASS Grande Finale

November, 2014

kitty's students 2013 ap fest 1

More photos of Kitty McIntyre and her students at 2013 Appalachian Festival