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Vernon McIntyre’s APPALACHIAN GRASS is a bluegrass band with style.  The band delivers an entertaining stage show with driving instrumentals, close knit harmonies, amusing novelty songs, and a show stopping trick fiddling act.  The combination of music, energy, showmanship, and humor just can’t be beat.  Each band member contributes a unique element to the Appalachian Grass. The band is unified by Vernon’s matchless rhythm guitar picking, while Robert Campbell’s hard driving banjo is the backbone of the bluegrass sound. Kitty and her fiddle add a spark of excitement.  Lead vocals rest mostly in Vernon’s capable hands with an occasional solo from Susan or Tammy.


Vernon McIntyre is an exciting and entertaining MC. He has the unique ability to infuse his shows with the warmth and spontaneity of a small family gathering even when playing for thousands.  It’s old fashioned entertainment at it’s best, fun to watch and fun to be a part of.




When Kitty McIntyre steps up to the mic, it’s time to fasten the seat belts.  Her bluegrass fiddling can ramp everything up a notch on a fiddle tune or bring out the sweetness of a ballad or waltz.

Oh, and don’t miss her old time trick fiddling.  Trick fiddling???  ‘Kitty’s Trick Fiddling’

RLC+06+Fest (1) (Photo by Tom Grumblis)

Robert Campbell’s hard driving banjo is the backbone of the bluegrass sound.  Robert has some great twists and turns in his playing that leaves the listener wondering what’s he going to do next.


Perrysburg-TAM+candidpix(Photo by

Tammy Powers on upright bass makes bass playing look effortless.  We love her “Mama Don’t Allow.”


susan-shook(Photo by Jim Bradtmueller)
Susan Shook picks up a storm on her mandolin!


Strolling Thru The Bluegrass
Educational Program

Vernon has a lifelong dedication to collecting musical instruments, antiques, and all types of unique oddities. The Strolling through the Bluegrass program was initially designed to promote interest in acoustic music among school children. Turns out, however, adults also like to hear the music, learn about the instruments, find out how Bluegrass got named, and listen with pleasure to Vernon’s various stories about life on the bluegrass road. Strolling through the Bluegrass provides an opportunity to see, hear, and actually try-out various instruments. Vernon and Kitty have taken this program on the road to various schools, libraries, retirement villages, and festivals.  Kids of all ages enjoy the program.