Kitty McIntyre

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Raised in the Cincinnati area with a background of classical music, Kitty started both piano and violin in grade school. She played in the school orchestra and the Cincinnati Youth Symphony through high school, but then put her fiddle in the case.  Her plans included college and graduate school, not becoming a musician.  However, her brother Andy changed all her plans in the early 1980s when he introduced Kitty to the bluegrass sound.  She took her fiddle back out of the case and practiced ’til she could join Cincinnati’s premier bluegrass band, Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass.  She has been touring with the band ever since.

There are several recording credits to her name.  Kitty has played fiddle on five projects by Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass and has recorded two solo fiddle albums; The Cat and the Fiddle and The Cat Came Back.  Her bass work, harmony singing, and mandolin part are included on several recent Appalachian Grass releases.  Along with all her other endeavors, she is currently working on a third instrumental project of all original material.

A partner in the Famous Old Time Music Company retail store since 1984, Kitty now tours with Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass  and teaches teaches fiddle, mandolin, beginning guitar, beginning banjo, and upright bass at various Cincinnati-based studios.

A Poem for Kitty McIntyre

by Dave Seagram, 2003

Ain’t it cool,
Ain’t it nifty!
The ‘Angel of Elmwood’
Has just turned Fifty!!

Her playing is legend
And singing divine
You can usually still see her
At number 6019 Vine.

The store is a classic
It’s one of a kind
And if you look closely,
There’s always a find.

Her fingers – still nimble
And so is her brain.
Keeping track of Vernon,
It must be a strain.

Her wit can be caustic
And so can her lip
So just treat her fairly
Would be a good tip.

Her hair may be graying
But stooped she is not.
There’s no way you could say
That she’s all gone to pot!

Her face is still youthful,
So say it ain’t so –
That she really was born
Such a long time ago!

CAM at Mt Healthy

cam talking closeup

Bluegrass in the Cornfields at Wapakoneta, OH around 2007  Photo:
Tom Grumblis

kitty trick fiddling collageCAM-AllenCountyFair2008

Kitty and Vernon at Allen County Fair –
Gospel Tent Duet

CAM Halloween Halloween at Famous Old Time Music Co around 1998

CAM Polecat Bluegrass in the Cornfields at Wapakoneta, OH around 2007.

Photo:  Tom Grumblis