Bluegrass at the Gateway 2014 Metamora, IN

Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell was born in Cincinnati, OH, grew up right outside of Sharonville, OH.  Started playing guitar at age 13 and banjo at age 16. Both of his parents are of Appalachian descent both having musical talents going back for many generations in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.  His maternal grandfather and grandmother recorded a few gospel songs at Jimmy Skinner’s recording studio years ago.   His great-great grandfather,  JD Campbell was a banjo player and so was his great grandmother, Hannah Elizabeth Kelly.   And contrary to popular belief he comes from a family of 15 children not 22.

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Festival in the Cornfields 2006 Wapakoneta, OH

Robert’s first organized musical performances were in junior high at Princeton when he played electric guitar with the jazz  stage band.   Robert has played with many bluegrass bands since the late 80’s but has spent the majority of his professional career with Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass.

By day,  Robert is Director of Information Technology for a local software development company.